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Your Rewards

We designed our activities to push you out of your comfort zone. They’ll take some work, but the rewards make it all worthwhile. You can start by earning enough points for a water bottle or notebook, or you can get serious and earn a scholarship or attendance at a Medal of Honor Event. Which rewards will you go after?

Medal of Honor Events

Our activities were inspired by the Medal of Honor values: Courage, Sacrifice, Commitment, Integrity, Citizenship, and Patriotism. Wouldn’t it be cool to learn a little more about them? The Congressional Medal of Honor Society and Foundation will fly you out for Medal of Honor Day. Or you could use your points to treat your school to a Q&A with a Medal of Honor Recipient.


College is a big deal. It’s where you’ll spend the next four years working toward a career, making friends and lots of memories. Maybe college isn't exactly your thing, that's okay too. Our scholarships can cover trade school expenses, tuition, cost of housing and textbooks. If you’ve got the lifetime points, you can apply.



Maybe you’d rather spend your points on something you’ve been meaning to replace, like headphones or a laptop. We’ve got those, and hundreds of other awesome items in our Reward Shop.

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