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Share Yourself

3000 points

Citizenship Medal of Honor Values


You have a lot to share. Ever tried tutoring or mentoring someone younger than you? Touch base with an adult who can set you up with someone who needs help in a subject you're confident about. Meet with the person you're helping at least 4 times (1 hour per meeting).

Create a 1-2 minute reflection video following one of your meetings, sharing your thoughts about how your meetings are going. What subject are you teaching them about? What activities are you doing?

After completing all 4 meetings, write a 500-word essay. Share more details about your experience. How did the person you were working with benefit from your help? Did your experience affect your confidence in any way? What advice would you give to someone interested in tutoring/mentoring?

Please keep the identity of the person you’re tutoring/mentoring confidential. Post for everyone to see. Hashtags: #shareyourself #liveup 


-1-2 minute reflection video following one meeting

-500-word essay on:
1) How the person you tutored/mentored benefited from your help
2) Whether or not your experience affected your confidence
3) What advice you’d give to a peer interested in tutoring/mentoring

-Completed verification form showing four 1-hour sessions, with adult signature 

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