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Everyone Loves Fun

1500 points

Patriotism, Citizenship Medal of Honor Values


Have you ever visited a nursing home or volunteered with the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars)? Yes, older people are people too – and they have fun just like you.

Your challenge: volunteer for 2 hours and spend time with the residents or members. You could play board games or ask them about their lives.

Write about your experience in 200 words or more. Share what you did, how you connected with citizens in your community, and how it made you feel. Include a pic. Remember to post when you’re done. Hashtags: #everyonelovesfun #liveup


-200-word essay on:
1) Where you volunteered
2) What you did
3) Your experience connecting with someone different than yourself
4) How this connection made you feel

-Completed service form showing 2 hours of volunteer work, with adult signature

-Pic from your experience

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