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Try Something New

1500 points

Citizenship, Courage Medal of Honor Values


This is your chance. Check out a school club or activity outside of school that you’ve wanted to try.

Then, using a phone or computer, create a 1-2 minute video. Describe what new club or activity you tried. How did it feel to try something new? What did you like about it? Will you go back?

Include video clips or a pic of you trying this new club/activity. Post for everyone to see.

Look to your local college, library or newspaper for events that you've never explored. You'd be surprised what you might learn by trying something new!  Hashtags: #trysomethingnew #liveup


-1 to 2 minute video on:
1) The school club or activity you tried
2) How it felt to try something new
3) What you liked about it
4) If you'll go back or not 

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