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Happy to Help

3000 points

Integrity, Patriotism, Commitment Medal of Honor Values


Volunteering can boost your happiness, so give it a try. First, check out the article below for more info. Then pick a community organization you think you’d enjoy. Maybe it’s your local animal shelter, library, or church.

Make a commitment to volunteer for a total of 6 hours. Let us know how it’s going – share a 2-minute reflection video after one of your volunteer days.

Once you’ve completed all 6 hours, write a 500-word essay. How did giving back make you feel? What did you enjoy the most? What was the hardest part? How did your service better your community and country? Hashtags: #happytohelp #liveup


-2-minute reflection video following one volunteer day

-500-word essay on:
1) Where you volunteered
2) How it felt to give back
3) What you enjoyed most
4) The hardest part
5) How your service bettered your community and country

-Completed service form showing 6 volunteer hours, with adult signature

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