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How's the Job

3000 points

Commitment, Citizenship Medal of Honor Values


Holding down school, a part-time job, and your social life isn’t easy. Give yourself a pat on the back and tell us how it’s going.

After your shift, create a 2-minute reflection video sharing how your day went. Once you’ve hit 4 weeks at your job, write a 500-word essay. Is your job what you expected? What do you feel you’re best at? What's hard about it? If you’ve received your first paycheck, what did you do with it? Let us know in a post. Hashtags: #howsthejob #liveup


-2-minute reflection video following your shift

-500-word essay on:
1) Whether or not your job’s what you expected it to be
2) What you feel you’re best at
3) What's hard for you
4) Whether or not you’ve earned a paycheck yet
5) What you did with the money

-Completed verification form showing 1 month of work, with adult signature

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