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Lend a Hand

1500 points

Sacrifice, Citizenship Medal of Honor Values


Ask a neighbor if they need help. Maybe they could use a hand with raking leaves or washing their car. Take at least 3 photos of you helping them out and post a collage. Write about your experience in 200 words or more. Describe who you helped out and what you did for them. How did it feel? Post about it. Hashtags: #lendahand #liveup

If you're not sure who your neighbors are, or would like help finding people to help out, try using the neighborhood social network Nextdoor.com. People use it to connect locally, swap things and ask for help.


-Post a photo collage of you helping a neighbor

-200-word essay on:
1) Who you helped
2) What you did for them
3) How it felt

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