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A Leader In Me

3000 points

Courage Medal of Honor Values


Watch these short TED Talks: "Everyday Leadership" and "How to Start a Movement." Both describe different types of leadership. Then create a 2-minute reflection video on what you learned.

How do you show leadership? Maybe you’re the captain of a sports team or the secretary of a club. If you don’t have a leadership role right now, what is something you can do to demonstrate leadership? If you're struggling, find an adult who can give you some advice on this.

Once you’ve taken on a leadership role, write a 500-word essay. Share what leadership role you've taken on. What responsibilities do you take on in this role? How does it feel to be a leader? What's hard about it? How will this experience impact your future? Post for everyone to see. Hashtags: #aleaderinme #liveup


-2-minute reflection video on what you learned from the Ted Talks

-500-word essay on:
1) What leadership role you’ve taken on
2) What things you do in this role
3) How it feels to be a leader
4) What's hard about it
5) How the experience might impact your future


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