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Try a Tutor

3000 points

Sacrifice Medal of Honor Values


If you’re struggling in school, get some help. Talk to a teacher or school counselor about free tutoring services. Yes, getting a tutor means sacrificing some things you enjoy, but it’ll be worth it.

Meet with your tutor at least 4 times, for 1 hour each. Create a 2-minute reflection video after one of your sessions, sharing your thoughts on how it’s going.

After you’ve completed all 4 sessions, write a 500-word essay. Share more details about your tutoring experience.

How did tutoring help you? Do you have any tips for your friends that would make finding a tutor easier? Remember to post about it. Hashtags: #tryatutor #liveup

Not all schools offering tutoring. Free, online tutoring resources online include Khan Academy.


-2-minute reflection video following one tutoring session

-500-word essay on:
1) How tutoring helped you
2) Tips for your friends that would make finding a tutor easier

-Completed verification form of four 1-hour tutoring sessions, with adult signature

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