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Medal of Honor Inspiration: Making and Keeping

The first thing his story taught me was that no matter where your story starts you can be helpful and do what is right. It doesn't matter if you are poor, rich, old, or young, you can still do something amazing and protect, help, or encourage those around you if you stick to it.
Secondly his bravery has taught me that bravery comes from within. He knew what he should do to protect his men and his did it without any hesitation or second thoughts. He knew it was right so he just did it and that commitment probably saved many.
Lastly, it taught me that you should be humble. He explained all of his achievements but never once bragged. Him doing so allowed me to truly see how he is as a man and look up to him. If he were to brag and be arrogant about his achievements I would be less likely to like him as a person. It showed me that if you succeed in your commitment it doesn't make you any better than all of the other people and that you aren't automatically perfect.