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Medal of Honor Inspiration: Work in Progress

Some might say I'm not exactly the one to say what America has to improve on since I wasn't born in America. I moved to America from Nigeria, Africa in 2012 when I was 8. I'll start with what I like about America. I love all the unique opportunities I've been able to receive from attending school in America. I can't exactly compare it to living and going to school in Nigeria because I don't remember much since I was only 8 and still young. For example, just in intermediate school I skipped a grade, learned to play the piano, and started playing basketball. Not only did I learn new things but I meet friends that I'll forever keep in my heart and remember. Moving on to middle school, my English teacher helped my explore my creative and poetic mind. She persuaded me to enter the Poetic Powers Creative Communication poetry contest, and before I knew it, I was already a published poet. Unfortunately, I left the school in the beginning of 6th grade, and moved to a different town where I started 6th grade in a later semester. Although I moved away from the old school, I continued entering the poetry contest for around 3 more years, and even collaborate with my new friends to enter the contest. This new school I believe helped me find out who I was a little bit better. At the old school no one really understood me but at this new school there were so many variety of people and I found people to share my interests with. At that school I competed in PSIA, where I got 3rd in state for a competition I can't quite recall. I also competed in three more contests in PSIA and did remarkably well for my first time. Now I'm soon to be a 10th grader, discovering who I am by the very second, and my 9th grade experience has been nothing but exhilarating. You might've been able to tell from what I've previously written but I love getting involved in school activities. In 9th grade I joined 9 clubs which I devoted so much time into. The 9 clubs are Student Council (Women's Alliance, Spirit Club), NAACP (Secretary). Girls Who Code (treasurer), Health Occupations Students Of America (HOSA), SkillsUSA, Business Professionals Of America (BPA), Technological Student Association (TSA), Music Club, Drama Club, and Green Team. I joined so many clubs, participated in many events, which lead to me getting to make many connections. I got to meet the mayor of Grand Prairie and the Head Of Department for the Grand Prairie Police, and many more influential people. In conclusion, my favorite part about America is that it gives people, even as young as me opportunities. What America needs to improve on is that it's so stuck on its past traditions. Slavery, discrimination, and segregation are just a few of the horrible things that have occurred in American history. They've dug roots so deep that remains of it still occurs today. Police shootings, racism and discrimination against African Americans, LGBTQ+, and all minorities fighting for the rights they were said to be given. We need to start owning up to the name United States and actually start uniting as fellow people and citizens.