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No to Yes

"The Walk from 'No' to "Yes'." by William Ury is inspiring. he is saying that we should have more than one different approach to how we think. In the beginning of the video, he tells a story of how three boys who had to spit the amount of camels that there passing father gave them equally. in the process, they went to a old lady and she step back from the problem, analyzing it from a different approach and helping the boys. i also learned that you should think critically before you speak. in the video, William was talking to a person that said "look at what you Americans are doing to the Puerto Ricans ",instead of letting his anger do the talking, he took a step back (go to the balcony' and taught of what he said and his response was appropriate. Finally, I learned that there is a way to help others get to the balcony. You can help others get to the balcony by analyzing the situation that you are in and at the end of your response connect with the person with make a positive season conclusion. How can i use this in my life? i can use those 3 tips in my school environment or any important conversations with college administrative so when i apply to college, they would have a good impression of me.