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Sacrifice for Success

I am water boy for our school for free. Yes, I enjoy it but sometimes it gets in the way of personal events like hanging out with friends, and many other things but I know the team needs me so I help them every chance I get. I even spend my own money for them. I am saving up for new gatorade jugs and water bottles because we cant afford new ones. I am also trying to raise money for a new ice machine. our old one broke and we really need a knew one but again, we don't have money to buy one. But I do it all through love. I love my team and would do anything for those guys. I like to be around the guys too. they help me out, like if I need help with homework they help me, or if someone is bullying me they stand up to that person because they know I am to nice, and to scared to stand up to me. I consider all of them to be my brothers and would anything I can to help them. So yeah there is benefits to being water boy and disadvantages but I wouldn't trade what I have for the world.