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Sacrifice for Success

I have to sacrifice watching TV, hanging out with friends, and using my phone a lot because school has started. These are distractions that I have to try to avoid so I can concentrate on doing my homework and studying in order to achieve good grades and my goals as a student. I'm taking AP World this year, which takes a significant amount of time and effort after school and on weekends. I want to be a successful student, and if I use my phone, watch TV, or hang out with my friends, it will take time away from what I want to achieve.

Ultimately, I will be grateful that I sacrificed these things once I succeed in school. They are just time-wasters and distractions from my real goal of getting into a good college. I understand that I have to give up certain things to get to where I want to go, and I am willing to make sacrifices. Also, the better I manage my time, the more I will be able to enjoy doing fun things like hanging out with people and watching TV. It's a balance between work and fun that we all must learn.

#sacrificeforsuccess #liveup