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Three things that I learned from this talk were conflicts can be resolved by taking a step back, there's a third side to every conflict, and connecting with others gives us the ability to create peace. William Ury's idea of stepping back to view a conflict from the outside was very insightful and can be helpful in everyday situations. Even with small conflicts with friends or family, it would be beneficial to "go to the balcony," as William Ury says, to find a peaceful resolution. I liked the idea that there is a third side to every conflict because it sometimes feels like it is just you against someone. It is important to remember that you should look at the situation without being reactionary and remember the stakes as if you were a third party. The most important idea was recognizing that hospitality and kindness create peace and understanding. If we all make an effort to be more accepting of others and our differences, the world could have less war and conflict. I can apply this knowledge in my daily life by taking a step back from a conflict and looking at it calmly from the third side.

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